List your Project

Once you are logged in on Kickflow, you can list a project you are working on by going over to Follow the guide mentioned below to get a better understanding of what to fill in each field. Fields marked with a (*) are mandatory fields.

Title *

The title should be the name of your project, preferably the same name that the project is known by on its website and social media profiles.

The title must have at least 3 characters in it.

Description *

A suitable description should consist of a precise pitch of your project, followed by a few sentences on what you are planning to do with the funds you receive from the community. The latter is not necessary to be mentioned, but it provides more context to the community intending to patronize you.

If you are still on the testnet, please mention it.

The description must contain at least 64 characters.

Having an eye catchy logo is great if you want to get the attention of the community. You can paste the link to your brand logo in this field. We recommend a square fitted image (like 400 x 400 px) to prevent distortions.

Website *

Put a valid website link here, that points to your project.

If you are still on the testnet, it is recommended that your website URL mentions the same, like - However, this is not a mandatory requirement.

Wallet Address *

This is the Tezos address where all your community contributions would go. Make sure, you have control of the Tezos address that you put here.

It could be a tz1, tz2, tz3 or a KT1 address to contract which has suitable entrypoints to move the funds being sent to it.

Once the project is listed, the wallet address can't be changed manually by the user.

Twitter Handle

Put your project's Twitter handle here if you have one. Make sure it's just the handle (without any extensions like @) and not the HTTP link.

Open Source Repo *

A valid website link pointing to an open-source repo hosted on Github, Gitlab or equivalent service.

Main Contract

The KT1 Tezos address of the main contract (if there is one) of your project.

This is not a mandatory field and can be left empty if you are currently on testnet.

Tags *

Comma-separated values representing suitable tags for your project. For instance, suitable tags representing Kickflow would be - DeFi, Crowdfunding

Category *

The primary category your project belongs to. For instance, the category for Kickflow would be - DeFi.

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