Operation Resolution

If you made a transaction on Kickflow and the platform has not recorded it, you can fix it by going to our operation resolution page at kickflow.io/resolution.

The possible reason for the platform to not record the transaction could be - A delay in block confirmation, a page refresh before the transaction completion or a drop in internet connection during the transaction.

The resolution is valid for the following operations:

  • General contribution

  • Round contribution

  • Enter a round

  • Withdraw match

  • WIthdraw deposit

  • Sponsor


If Kickflow has not recorded your transaction, before proceeding with operation resolution we first recommend you to wait for at least 2 minutes after your transaction is complete, and then refresh the website a few times.

Kickflow caches the requests in the browser, so chances are you might be able to able to see your transaction by performing just this step.

Go ahead with operation resolution only if the above step does not work.

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