Make a Contribution

Contribution to projects can be made using multiple tokens on Kickflow. A contribution can either be a general contribution or a contribution that is made to be considered in a funding round.

What is a funding round contribution?

Contributions to a funding round can be made when a quadratic funding round is ongoing on Kickflow. Unlike general contributions which are sent directly to the wallet of the project, a contribution made in the funding round first goes to Kickflow's round managing contract, which records the details of the contribution, and further relays the funds to the project's wallet.

The recorded details of the contribution are then used to calculate the quadratic funding match. Here, even a small contribution of $1 can at times eventually match up to a contribution of over $100 from the funding pool.

Make a Funding Round Contribution

A funding round contribution can only be made by a whitelisted Tezos address when a quadratic funding round is ongoing. To know more about whitelisting, check out the whitelist section.

Also, the project you are contributing to must be enrolled in the currently ongoing round in order to be eligible to accept this form of contribution.

Look for the checkbox in the contribution confirmation pop-up. This checkbox only appears if a funding round is ongoing and the respective project is enrolled in the funding round.

A contribution to the funding round can be made just once for each project, in every funding round.

Make a General Contribution

A general contribution can be made either when no funding round is ongoing, or by unchecking the above-mentioned checkbox during a funding round.

A contribution is a general contribution by default, in one or more of the following conditions:

  • You are not using a whitelisted address.

  • The project is not enrolled in the funding round.

  • The period in which the round accepts the contribution is either yet to begin, or is over.

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