Login and Whitelisting

How to Login?

You can login to Kickflow using Github or Twitter OAuth. If you want to login using Twitter, make sure that your Twitter account is connected to a verified e-mail id.

Only logged in users are allowed to connect a wallet and interact with Kickflow. However, users who have not logged in can still view the listed projects and related information.

Once you are logged in, you can view your profile info, along with all your contributions and listed projects under the profile page at kickflow.io/profile.


Whitelisting on Kickflow is its primary defence against Sybil attacks during a quadratic funding round.

There are two kinds of contributions possible on Kickflow. One is a general contribution and another one is a contribution made to be added into the funding round. View this, to know more about funding round contributions.

You must have a whitelisted Tezos address, in order to make a contribution in a funding round. Non-whitelisted addresses can still make a general contribution.

How to whitelist an address?

To be eligible to whitelist an address, you must be logged in using a Github or Twitter profile that is at least 2 years old. Each profile is only allowed to whitelist one Tezos address.

To whitelist a Tezos address, go over to kickflow.io/whitelist and connect the address which you want to whitelist from the wallet. Then, click on the Request Whitelisting button and wait patiently for your address to be whitelisted by our servers.

Once your address is whitelisted, you will see a small green checkmark beside your connected address on the top panel.

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